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Crafted By Winemakers

The Fahden family purchased the land where Sonoma Vinegar is produced in 1912. Through prohibition and the years that followed, we moved from growing grapes to walnuts and prunes and eventually back to grapes. And we’re glad we did, because since our first vintage in 1987, we’ve been enjoying some of Sonoma County’s finest wine. Oh, and selling it to others as well.

Making Vinegar for Others

There’s a good chance you’ve already enjoyed Sonoma Vinegar. You see, we’ve made vinegar for many years…not only as Sonoma Vinegar, but for other well-known vinegar brands. We have a reputation in the industry as the place to go if you want meticulously crafted vinegar. In fact, we just finished a large project for a well-known vinegar-based sauce. And we love those partnerships.

Sonoma Vinegar

But there’s something special about making Sonoma Vinegar. We do things exactly the way we know they need to be done. Here are some words to live by:

“Great wine makes great vinegar. We have access to some of the world’s best wine. That wine makes some freaking delicious vinegar.”

“We let our vinegar finish. If you don’t know how hard it is to make great vinegar, click here. We don’t take any shortcuts. We let the process take its course and as a result the natural flavors come along with it. It’s pure vinegar, baby. And it’s yummy.”

“Each of our 14 varieties of vinegar starts uniquely. Many vinegar producers will start with a common mother. At Sonoma Vinegar each product is unique in not only its origin, but in its flavor profile.”