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The Art of Vinegar

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You made it to the Sonoma Vinegar website. How about that? Regardless of how you ended up here, we’re glad you made it. Because we’ve got a lot to share about Sonoma Vinegar and what makes it so delicious.

It turns out making vinegar is really hard. Don’t tell our winemaker, but many people think it’s harder than making wine. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate…making vinegar is pretty easy. Making great vinegar is really hard. That’s probably why for a long time folks like us in the wine industry tried to distance ourselves from vinegar. But now that people understand great vinegar is so much more than turned wine, you’ll find a lot of well-known wine brands have vinegar brands too.

If you want to learn more about the art of vinegar, check out our blog… or even better, join our club called Fermentation Nation.