We Love Food - Sonoma Vinegar


In the end it’s all about food. That’s what we’re making vinegar for, so the fact that we’re surrounded by some of the world’s finest dining is no accident. In fact, you can enjoy our vinegar in restaurants all across California. Here are a few of our favorite chef’s talking about why Sonoma Vinegar is a mainstay in their kitchens:
"The acid in their vinegars tantalizes the palate. To me it’s a craving, that keeps coming back."

- Gustavo Rios, Solage/Solbar

"Sonoma Vinegar Works Rice Vinegar is the structure-building acid in our dipping sauce, it balances perfectly with the salty umami of soy sauce."

- Syd Kato & Lucas Moderacki, Co-Founders / Co-Owners Houtskool, Dumplings LLC

"I have been using Sonoma vinegar works for many years after discovering their quality right in my own back yard."

- Chef Rick Vargas La Bodega kitchen, Sebastopol Ca.