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“Mother nature is the real boss, I just wear the apron… Quality is everything to any Chef worth his or her imported pink salt, or “fleur de sel”… I have been using Sonoma vinegar works for many years after discovering their quality right in my own back yard. Haven’t looked back since. We use the Champagne vinegar the most for many many preparations, as well as the fig, pear, cabernet and more.

I use the pear vinegar for a savory pear and Pt Reyes blue cheese tartlet with port syrup and chives, and a splash of the Cab vinegar in our fresh mint and oregano chimichurri gives our crusted char grilled leg of lamb a sparkle that no one can put their finger on… With the balance that vinegar can provide, wine matches are endless. I encourage you to experiment. That’s what I do, and I actually make a decent living at it in the process…

Chef Rick Vargas
La Bodega kitchen, Sebastopol Ca.

The acid in their vinegars tantalizes the palate. To me it’s a craving, that keeps coming back.

It makes me salivate. I want to eat more of the oil and vinegar that we put in our dishes.

We use Sonoma Vinegar Works in conjunction with or sometimes to replace salt in liquids. Whether it’s a sauce, a soup or a salad it’s going to help enhance the flavor of the dish rather than adding flavor to the dish, there’s a big difference there between adding and enhancing. At Solbar we let the season dictate our menu, the freshest ingredients, the appreciate technique and the perfect seasoning with Sonoma Vinegar Works.

Gustavo Rios

I use Sonoma Vinegar works because they are located in a great area for quality grapes and fruits to make their vinegars with. I know what items are out there for them to use, as I am using them myself in my own kitchen, so I know the quality they are putting into their products.

I use their vinegars for simple and classic vinaigrettes, for pickling a variety of items, and for seasoning soups and sauces. Try a drop or two of their balsamic vinegar in a home made tomato soup!

Their vinegars work great for pickling vegetables to add to my bloody mary bar, charcuterie boards, and many more items. The wide variety of flavors available makes them useful for many items and specialty flavors I am looking for. The depth of the flavors add another level to the food I make, and really helps add that extra touch and brightens the natural flavors.

Joe Farinacci
Executive Chef
Wild Oak Saddle Club

Sonoma Vinegar Works Rice Vinegar is the structure-building acid in our dipping sauce, it balances perfectly with the salty umami of soy sauce. We use Sonoma Vinegar Works Rice Vinegar in our tsukemono pickle brines; this slightly sweet, bright flavor is the perfect palate cleanser in between dumplings.

Syd Kato & Lucas Moderacki
Co-Founders / Co-Owners
Houtskool Dumplings LLC